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Patented Technology

The Titrets Test Method

The FoalWatch K-1700 Test Kit utilises CHEMetrics patented self-filling ampoule technology. Each Test Ampoule (a.k.a. 'Titret') contains a carefully pre-measured quantity of reagent (titrant) which is sealed under vacuum.

During testing, a sealed tip is fitted to the ampoule featuring a miniature valve that is used to control the flow of sample fluid into the ampoule as the handler performs what is known as a 'reverse titration'. No titration equipment is required.

Sample fluids are drawn into the ampoule in small increments and mixed while the user watches for a color change from red/orange to blue. When that colour change occurs, the ampoule is placed in an upright position and the test result is read opposite the location of the liquid level, using a scale printed on the side of the tube.

The entire process requires only a minute or two and avoids all the equipment preparation and clean-up associated with ordinary titration procedures.

1. Attach Valve

2. Insert Titret into Titrettor

3. Titrate

4. Read

Slide the valve assembly onto the tapered end of the Titret test ampoule.

Snap the tip of the ampoule at the score mark with the valve assembly securely in place. The vacuum inside the ampoule is preserved by this valve assembly. Now insert the Titret ampoule into the Titrettor with the control bar lifted. You are now ready to perform the titration!

Immerse the end of the valve assembly into the sample. With the end of the valve assembly below the surface of the sample, press the control arm on the Titrettor briefly in order to draw a small amount of sample into the ampoule. Once you have drawn in a small addition of sample into the ampoule, lift the entire assembly from the sample cup and gently rock it back and forth to mix the contents of the ampoule. If there is no colour change (i.e. the liquid is still orange) then repeat. Continue with further additions until the sustained and permanent end point colour change to blue is achieved by the indicator solution in the ampoule.

Once the end point is achieved, remove the ampoule from the Titrettor. Hold the ampoule upright, with the tapered end and valve assembly pointing upwards. You can now read the sample concentration value in ppm (mg/l) from the printed scale on the ampoule's outer surface. The liquid level corresponds to the concentration value on the printed scale.

Note: This test kit is intended as a foaling aid only, and should not substitute for standard veterinary care.

For more information and details on the how to collect and prepare the mare's milk sample, please see the Test Instructions document on the Download page.

Potential Interferences

Mares exposed to fescue grass pastures contaminated by Acremonium coephenophialum, a type of fungus, during the last 60-90 days of gestation, may fail to undergo normal udder development and may fail to secrete colostrum.

The supplement domperidone can increase the calcium level of the mare's milk, causing inflated test readings.

Please see the Test Instructions document on the Download page for more information.

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