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FoalWatch Test Kit

Predict Foal Birth to Within 24 Hours

CHEMetrics FoalWatch® is the world's leading colostrum test kit used by equestrian breeders for 30 years. Veterinarian recommended, non-invasive and based on proven chemistry.

Eliminates the need for nightly foal sitting in the weeks prior to a mare's expected foaling date. Safe and easy to use. Contains no hazardous chemicals. Each kit contains everything you need to perform 20 tests.

The FoalWatch test kit predicts foal birth within 24 hours by measuring the daily Calcium levels in the mare's colostrum, providing a reliable result in about 3 minutes. Simply begin testing once or twice a day about 2 weeks before the mare's expected foaling date.

Galgo (UK) Limited is the official CHEMetrics representative for UK and Ireland since 1980, supplying FoalWatch to equestrian breeders and suppliers since 1990.

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